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Set Goals

2020 is your chance to win. We’ll help you win by giving you the free tools you need to make  realistic goals and accomplish them.

Stay Motivated

It’s easy for all of us to lose our motivation. We’ll send you encouraging videos, verses, and stories to help you stay focused.


Celebrate With Us

Join thousands of us who are working together to become healthier, happier, and stronger. We want to hear your story.

 How to Make Your Resolutions Become Results

1. Sign Up

Join our community. With us, you’ll learn how to invite God into your New Year’s Resolutions. 

2. Read

Starting January 6th, you’ll get daily doses of inspiration from people like Jon Acuff and the Money Guy Show to help you create and achieve realistic goals.

3. Grow

Discover how inviting God into your goal-setting will make you more focused.  

You want to make God-centered choices that make you healthier, stronger, and happier.

In order to do that, you need a plan. We know it’s hard to stay focused and disciplined. That’s why we created the 21 Day Challenge. We want to give you the community, the tools, and the encouragement to know you are not alone when making healthy changes. We’re with you!

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