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We know what it’s like to feel stuck and unsure about how to grow your faith. The World’s Biggest Small Group provides you with easy and meaningful series to encourage you.

Join with Others Like You

The World’s Biggest Small Group has thousands of members all discovering the same truths you are. We learn and grow best when we do it with others!

Be Encouraged

We know what it’s like to feel alone and discouraged. The World’s Biggest Small Group equips you to grow your faith and find community where you are.

“I have not found a church in my community that I am comfortable attending regularly. With The World’s Biggest Small Group I feel like I’m part of a spiritual community!”


“It really helps that people come on and are open about their struggles. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only Christ follower battling these issues.”


“I have learned so much and have a strong desire to continue living and learning my faith because of what Jesus Christ did for me. Keep up the good work! I tell everyone, believers and unbelievers, about you.”


Getting started is easy!

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Pick your series and get started in growing your faith.


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We’ll send you a series of emails with videos and blogs from leading Christian thinkers and influencers. 


3. Participate

Share what you’ve learned by commenting your thoughts and responding to others. 


We know finding the time and tools to grow your faith can be discouraging and difficult.

We know you want a simple way to connect with God and other people, but it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we help over 140,000 people grow their faith each year through easy and meaningful reading plans and video series. Choose from topics like identity, suffering, fear, and forgiveness.

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